The Great Falls College MSU Weaver Library is accepting conceptual proposals for a public commissioned artwork or series of artworks that reflect the library’s mission and enhance the interior aesthetics of the physical library space. The selected artist will receive a $5,000 commission. Deadline to Apply: Friday September 8, 2017, 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time. Project scope, specifications and instructions for proposals are outlined below.

Project Description & Scope: Conceptual Considerations:

The selection committee is interested in artwork that is timeless, eclectic, dynamic, and that represents an intellectual quality reflecting the Weaver Library mission: “Great Falls College MSU Weaver Library is the persistent and vital thread supporting the information needs of the entire campus community.” Artwork will be viewed favorable that:

  • Reflects scholarship, civil discourse, the pursuit of intellectualism and other higher education and community college assets;
  • Provides a cohesive aesthetic that compliments architectural features of the Weaver Library space;
  • Addresses the broader concept of discovery as a metaphor using whimsy and fun;
  • Addresses the commonalities between 2D/3D and literary arts (i.e. interaction with words);
  • Compliments the experience of reading, investigation and other key features of the face to face and virtual library experience;
  • Is sustainable, utilizing local materials and reflects responsible stewardship;
  • Utilizes light and how it changes throughout the day;
  • Is timeless and bears repeated viewing over time;
  • Is nonrepresentational, but not so abstract as to be unrecognizable by library users;
  • Is appealing and accessible to non- arts people;
  • Is complex enough to allow viewers to learn from it over time and provides a sense of discovery;
  • Works within the budget and timeline provided.


The selection committee is interested in an artwork or series of artworks for the interior of the Weaver Library at Great Falls College MSU. The selection committee is open to locations inside the Weaver Library identified by the artist, however, the following will apply:

  1. The artwork should be clearly visible to the public and a main focal point within the library facility.
  2. These areas should be excluded from consideration: Library staff offices, staff areas behind the main information/circulation desk, group study rooms, quiet study areas along the North and West walls of the library and the instruction classroom (A124).
  3. Artwork may be free-standing, or installed on a wall or pedestal as needed following facility guidelines.
  4. If the artwork is free-standing, it must not obstruct library patron traffic or staff use of the library facility.
  5. Artwork placement must be ADA compliant and allow for movement around the work as required by law.
  6. Artists are encouraged to visit the Weaver Library at Great Falls College MSU, 2100 16th Avenue

South, Great Falls, MT to gain a visual understanding of the layout of the library facility prior to concept proposal.


The selection committee is interested in materials that support the artist’s concept. Materials should be sustainable, local, and reflect responsible stewardship as much as possible. Materials that make use of language, light and/or architectural features ameliorating visual artwork will be considered. Materials should be permanent, and require low maintenance.


This is an opportunity for an artist to create a work with a timeless, intellectual and dynamic quality with an important place of its own in the Weaver Library’s next chapters. Artwork that reflects the traditional aspects of a library while engaging natural and/or modern motifs will be considered favorably. Montana and local artists are highly encouraged to apply.

  1. All work must be safe, tamper-resistant and easily maintained, regardless of ease of public reach.
  2. Artists should approach the project as a permanent installation when considering materials.
  3. All work must be of an appropriate size and design so that it will not create a hazard for impaired pedestrians or use of maintenance equipment.
  4. The artwork should not obstruct but should enhance the features of the Weaver Library facility.
  5. The commissioned artwork should be appropriate for a public library setting.


Instructions to Proposers:

All proposals must be received via email, mail or in-person no later than 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time Friday, September 8, 2017 to:

Laura Wight, Director of eLearning & Library Services GFC MSU Weaver Library

2100 16th Avenue South

Great Falls, MT  59405


Phone :  406.771.4318 (for questions or more information).


Any images should be in a high resolution digital or print format. If you need to submit multiple emails please put your name in the SUBJECT line. The following information must be completed and submitted with your proposal:

  1. Artist biographical statement (1 page maximum).
  2. Written preliminary concept/approach statement (1 page maximum).
  3. Addenda (i.e. any certifications, samples, information, etc.) (no more than 3 pages).
  4. Your submission should be no more than 5 pages, not including your concept images or addenda. Images should be labeled with your last name and first name in numbered order as you'd like them to be viewed (i.e., doejohn2.jpg, etc). Failure to provide these documents with your proposal submittal will disqualify your proposal. Proposals may be modified or withdrawn prior to the time specified for the opening of the proposals.

Selection Process and Eligibility:

Individual artists or an artist team may apply. Montana residency is encouraged but not required. Artists will be selected as finalists for interviews to be given in early October 2017. It is anticipated that three to five individuals and/or teams will be invited to interview with the Selection Committee. The committee, however, recognizes that both smaller and larger artistic submissions may be valuable additions to the library, therefore, this number may fluctuate.   Based on the initial submittal and interview a selection will be made. Contract negotiations will proceed after the selection. It is expected that all costs of the commission will be covered by the $5,000 commission honorarium, including materials and installation. The selection committee will be comprised of Great Falls College MSU students, faculty, staff and members of the executive team.  Artwork will be reviewed by the Art Commission Selection

Committee. The committee will select a finalist and make a final selection recommendation to the Great Falls College MSU CEO/Dean of the college. Final approval and selection will rest with the CEO/ Dean of the college.


Total Artwork Commission honorarium, $5,000. Half to be paid to Artist upon selection and signing of contract, and the other half to be paid on completion of installation.


July 31, 2017: RFP issued

September 8, 2017: RFP deadline

September 29, 2017: Finalists Selected

October 2-6, 2017: Interviews with Finalists October 16-20-: Artist selected; contract signed

October-December: Work Completed and Installed (may be adjusted according to construction timeline)

Library Layout Video: