Due to changes in staffing and resources, we have revised our community patron policies and services. We welcome community members to our library and ask that they adhere to the library use privileges as outlined on this page and inPolicy 902.5and Procedure 902.5.1. 

Who are Community Patrons?

Community patrons are defined as Montana residents age 16 and older who are not current students, faculty, or staff of Great Falls College MSU or students at other Montana State University institutions. Great Falls College MSU alumni and former employees have the same borrowing privileges as community patrons. 

Library Use for Community Patrons

  • Community patrons may use designated library seating and/or computers for 1 hour per day.
  • Printing is available at current posted rates.
  • Access to the library‚Äôs online resources is available to community patrons while on campus networked devices. 
  • A community borrower card is necessary to check out library books.

Right to Refuse Service: The library staff has an obligation to manage disruptive behaviors quickly and professionally. Great Falls College Weaver Library Staff reserve the right to refuse service to library patrons who act in ways that disrupt other library users, library staff, or library facilities. Such behaviors include but are not limited to: refusal to follow library and campus rules and policies; harassment of other library patrons or library staff; personal hygiene issues that affect other library patrons, library staff, or library facilities; and/or threatening or violent behavior. Any patron exhibiting such behavior will be asked to cease; continued violations may necessitate banning that patron from the library. 

Community Borrower Card

  • A community borrower card is required to check out materials from Weaver Library. 
  • To apply for a community borrower card, patrons must present the following:
    • Valid photo identification (unexpired license, state ID, passport)
      • proof of Montana residency (utility bill, cell phone bill, renter's agreement)
  • Community borrower cards are issued for a period of one year but may be renewed (to renew, we must confirm residency again). 
  • Lost cards should be promptly reported to the library. 
  • A borrower is responsible for all items checked out on their card and will be billed for lost or damaged items.