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Sleepwalking Through History

Sleepwalking Through History
Something Happened
Modern Times
New Behavior Modification

Violence Over the Land

Violence Over the Land
American Indian Nations
Driver Out
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

The Song of the Dodo

The Song of the Dodo
Dancing in the Dark
After the Fires
Disappearing World

The Made America

They Made America
Strangely Like War
Against the Grain
Bleeding To Ease the Pain
No Child Left Different
The Dark Side of Innocence
Tender Loving Greed
Pricing Life
All the Right Moves
Or Perish In the Attempt

Floating Clouds

Floating Clouds
White Snow, Bright Snow
The Eagle Bird
Great Tapestries
Under a Green Sky

Man's Struggle

The Pirate Hunter
Secret Honor
Left Behind
Lone Survivor
Undaunted Courage
Battle Cry of Freedom
Nothing Like it in the World

Come Lovely and Soothing Death

Come Lovely and Soothing Death
All This Way for the Short Ride
Every Day Gets a Little Closer
Night Falls Fast
When the Rivers Run Dry
Whose Water Is It?
When Someone Dies
Who Owns Life?
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
Delivered From Distraction


The Road
Ride With Me, Maria Montana
Under the Big Sky
Bone Deep in Landscape
The Solace of Open Spaces
Mountain Time
The Way West
The River Why
The Tall Uncut
Slouching Toward Nirvana
In This We are Native

Storied Dreams

If a Lion Could Talk
All Our Stories Are Here
Jackalope Dreams
Tracks that Speak
The Surrounded
Wrapped in Rainbows

The Naked Man

The Naked Man captivating original sin.
The wretched of the Earth,
Saving Fish from drowning intuition;
The inside story: the raw and the cooked, the bone people.
War without Mercy...

Wisdom of the Mythtellers

Wisdom of the Mythtellers
Purity and danger colonizing Egypt.
Crafting selves: Islam, the Straight Path.
Master and disciple, overlooking Nazareth:
Historical metaphors and mythical realities,
Captivating seven pillars of wisdom.
The divine comedy, the GOD delusion.

Stories Consumed

The Road
Under the Big Sky
Roots & Wings
The Sacred,
All our Stories Are Here
So long as Men can Breathe

For the Relief...

For the Relief of unbearable urges
Fitting ends.
A blind man can see how much I love you,
Kicking the leaves,
The sky, the stars, the wilderness,
The hours
Among the missing
I am no one you know.

Women in Their Beds

Women in Their Beds
As Earth begins to end.
Three lives
As I lay dying:
Flying at night
Blessing the boats,
Eating the honey of words.
Things fall apart:
The wall,
The dark room,
The Stranger.
The voice at 3 AM
A timbered choir.
Everything in this country must
Make us wave back.

Original Fire

Original Fire
The Burning Women of Far Cry
Divided We Fail
The Old Girls' Network
Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands
A Smile as Big as the Moon
Consider This, Señora
I Should be Extremely Happy in your Company
Deadly Persuasion
Other Ways to Win
There's a Bed in the Piano
So Long as Men can Breathe
Dark Waters Dancing to a Breeze
Unless the Wind Turns
As Earth begins to End
How All this Started
Their Eyes were Watching God
Creating their Own Image
Smarter, Faster, Better
Spaces for Silence
Teaching as if Life Matters
Making certain it goes on
Baby Faces of Love