About Off Campus Access

All Great Falls College Students, Faculty, and Staff have acess to Weaver Library's licensed database collection. In order to access library databases off campus, you will be required to authenticate by signing in using your NetID and Password (same as D2L). There may be cases in which you experience a hiccup with off campus access and need to troubleshoot. Please follow the troubleshooting steps below. 

Troubleshooting Tips for Libary Database Access Issues

Browser Issues

Most 400 and 500 error messages can be resolved by changing browsers or clearing browsing data.

  • Try accessing the resource using a different browser (for example, Firefox instead of Chrome) or an incognito window in your preferred browser.
  • Alternately, clear your cache, cookies and browsing history, then try accessing the resource again. Sometimes these can cause access errors.

NetID or Sign In Problems

Are you getting to a Great Falls College MSU EZProxy login screen but are unable to log in? The problem may be with your NetID/password. Visit pwreset.montana.edu to reset your password.  

Other Tips

  • Always access online library resources using the links on the library website or A-Z databases list. If you use bookmarks, it may cause errors with the authentication process.
  • Do not copy or save URLs while using the databases. Many of these URLs are temporary and will become invalid after your search session ends.
  • If you have left the search page open and it has expired, close the tab and start a new session by using the database link from the A-Z databases list.

Are you experiencing access issues with all library databases?

Try and identify if the problem occurs with a single database or with multiple database by trying a different database. This will help identify if you are experiencing a browser problem, or a resource-specific problem. JSTOR: http://proxygf.lib.montana.edu/login?url=http://www.jstor.org. If you experience problems with accessing multiple different databases, you may need to try a fresh browser, as detailed above. If you still cannot access any library database, email ashynn.maczko@gfcmsu.edu. If you can include screenshots or a video of your screen this will help identify the problem for troubleshooting. 

Other Database Questions?

Contact Ashlynn Maczko, the Library Director, by emailing ashlynn.maczko@gfcmsu.edu

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